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Garden products of the highest quality

Grange Fencing has been part of gardens all over the UK since 1868, defining a diversity of outdoor spaces with our decorative garden structures, garden fence ideas and knowledge and varied types of fences.

About Grange Fencing

Whether you’re seeking a decorative garden structure such as a trellis arch or garden arbour or robust traditional fence panels, we’re renowned for our commitment to premium garden products.

We also offer exceptional UK-based sales and customer services, to help you get exactly what you want when you need it. Plus, working closely with all our fencing stockists, our delivery service means you don’t have to worry about getting your products home.

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Garden structures made with FSC-certified timber

As you’d expect, the Grange Fencing team is very particular when it comes to selecting timber.

It’s our company policy to protect the environment wherever possible, so we always strive to use FSC-certified timber in our products, from fencing supplies to pergolas. If you see the FSC logo, it means we’ve used timber which is ethically sourced from sustainable forests.

And what’s more, all our pressure-treated and dip-treaded products come with a 20-year guarantee against wood rot*, helping you to make the most of your garden for years to come.

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An innovative history

Grange was founded by George Hill in 1868 and was producing customised fencing by 1910. The 1950s saw RF Hill introduce prefabricated interwoven panels and timber ladders; while in the 1970s, the double-waney-edged slat first made an appearance.

In 1990, we became the first national manufacturer to automate fence panel production – then in 1991, the first distributor of concrete fencing supplies. In 1998, we pioneered the production of FSC-certified products, followed by the purchase of competitor Post Anchor in 2000.

The new millennium brought the launch of our home delivery service (2002) and a new factory in Hull (2003). We then partnered with Anderton to supply lightweight concrete fence posts (2004), followed by the acquisition of Britannia Garden Products (2006), Weston Fencing (2008) and Metpost (2009), incorporating the latter’s full range of metal gates and posts.

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*20 Year Pressure Treatment Guarantee

We are committed to using a pressure treatment method across our full range of timber products to provide a superior approach to wood preservation and eliminate the need for costly and time-consuming maintenance.
Using a unique mixture of preservatives that penetrates deep into the wood, our pressure treatment system ensures long lasting protection against wood rot and decay.

All Grange pressure treated products are guaranteed against rot and fungal decay for 20 years.

Conditions of Guarantee

  1. Should the pressure treated wood be cut, drilled or notched, a cut end treatment must be applied to ensure the effectiveness of the treatment. (Note: Cutting the wood is considered a modification which will render the guarantee null and void.)
  2. Paints, wood stains and water repellent can be applied however we recommend you closely follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  3. Any product modification will render the guarantee null and void.
  4. The guarantee covers the cost of replacement goods only.
  5. Grange cannot be held liable for any damages or injuries of any kind resulting from incorrect use, assembly or siting of the products. Where supplied instructions and directives should be followed carefully.
  6. You must retain proof of purchase in order to claim on this guarantee.

These conditions do not affect your statutory rights.